Christening Cake

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A beautiful blue and white christening cake for a little boy Lachlan. Simple in design but so pretty.


Rainbow Photoshoot

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Im so excited about my cake being used by Gilly at Whimsy Studio for a photo shoot for a one year old little girl. Gilly did such a fabulous job, I just love the finished product.

The cake is a White Chocolate mud cake, coloured and layered with white chocolate ganache and covered with sugar paste icing.

Thanks Gilly for the amazing photos.


Cupcakes for Arts week.

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I spent three days at Matthew Flinders Anglican College as guest Chef for arts week. We had 14 students and the aim was for them to design and make 6 beautiful cupcakes.

The first day involved sketching ideas onto paper and working out what we wanted to put on our cupcake. I decided to base mine on me and do a Skye theme. I thought of clouds, rainbows, sunny days, my family, more sleep (don't get enough these days) and of course cakes.

The second day was about baking we baked 12 delicious cupcakes from scratch and the third day was about decorating.

The students had fabulous ideas and worked really well. Using the sugar paste icing which none of the students had used before they did a great job putting their ideas together. It was a very successful three days and the students where able to display their work for all the parents with pride. It was great to be able to be apart of Arts Week 2011.

My "Skye" themed cupcakes.


Lightning McQueen

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I was really excited about doing a Lighting McQueen cake and really happy with how he turned out.